Apache Hive reference links

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This post contain pointers to refer apache hive related articles and webinars. How hive got transformed into an active apache project and how it helped analysts at facebook to execute complex map-reduce programs using SQL like syntax called HQL.

  1. A webinar on how the idea of Hive came up at facebook : Rethinking the Data Warehouse with Hadoop and Hive - Ashish Thusoo

  2. Paper that helped in Hive development : Hive – A Petabyte Scale Data Warehouse Using Hadoop

  3. Facebook article on Hive - right from Ashish Thusoo’s profile (Now Qubole’s co-founder) : Hive - A Petabyte Scale Data Warehouse using Hadoop By Ashish Thusoo on Wednesday, June 10, 2009 at 9:19pm

  4. Forbes article by Ashsih Thusoo : 6 Insights From Facebook’s Former Head Of Big Data

  5. Youtube tutorial by Edureka! Understanding Hive In Depth | Hive Tutorial for Beginners | Apache Hive Explained With Hive Commands

  6. StackOverflow list of questions : Questions tagged with Hive on stackoverflow