Returning to blogging again, but this time with a change and as a serious+mature programmer

1 minute read

After an year or so, I’ll be again writing for my blog and will make it a habit to post regularly. And this time only the original stuff … no more copy-pastings and no syndications.

So from now onwards I’ll be blogging here about whatever technical & non-technical things I’m doing. More importantly the blog posts will be code oriented as my passion for the same has increased manifold now. But I’ll write about other interesting stuff as well.

Over the years, a person’s interests & priorities change, goals and objectives also changes, So as mine. But still I’m more inclined towards tech and this is the thing I’m sure about is not going to change over the time. Now I’m more technically sound and knowledgeable. Also my love for FOSS has increased.

In the last 6 months, one another change I observed in me is, I’m fascinated by entrepreneurship, technopreneur, building products for society and other such terms. I’ll be sharing my experience with such things in later posts, but for now yes I love startups, excited to do one in future and recently tried my hands at one of the friend’s startup as well. Startups are cool, but they are risky plus frustrating too.

In The next 6 months I’ll be:

  • doing java
  • building android apps
  • spending my time with a small data-center-in-a-box named Devey, which I created at home.
  • contributing to an open source project on Eclipse framework named Code Recommenders and
  • preparing for GRE and lots of other freaky things.

So that’s all for now. keep surfing !!